Why do we need internal links?

Internal links fulfill three main functions:

  • Help with navigation on the site.
  • Definition of the architecture and hierarchy of the site.
  • Classification of the page on the site.

In addition, they improve site optimization in search engines: they help search engines, create a linked network of their publications on the site and also allow readers to stay longer on the site. The main purpose of these types of Backlinks is to provide the bots with the correct information on the pages of your website. This is really an important and necessary part of SEO, because all the keywords used as anchors are the main indicators by which the keywords should be classified on your page.

Content marketing and link building

Because Google's algorithm still relies heavily on links, it's obviously extremely important to have many high-quality links to your site to generate search traffic: you can do all the work you want in the page reference. or technical, if you do not. If you do not have links to your site, it will not appear in the search results.

There are many ways to get links to your site, but as Google and other search engines become more and more sophisticated, many of them have become extremely risky (although they may still be short) term. If you are new to SEO and you are looking to exploit the channel, these more risky and aggressive ways of trying to obtain links probably do not adapt to your business, because you will not know how to handle difficulties properly and assess risks. . Also, trying to create links specifically to manipulate Google rankings does not create any other value for your business if the search engine algorithms change and your rankings disappear.

A more sustainable approach to linking development is to focus on more general and sustainable marketing approaches, such as creating and promoting useful content that also includes specific terms for those who wish to classify and participate in traditional public relations.

The process of creating and promoting content that allows you to access social links and share requires a lot of work. Once again, you will find detailed detailed guides on the different aspects of content marketing below. There are many ways to create content effectively, help you discover and rank well in search results.