Identify and understand your audience of links and share

The first thing you should do to improve your content is to understand who can link it to your content and share it. There are several tools to help you identify the influential people in your niche who can share your content.

Then, you should try to understand what your own capabilities are and what kind of content you can create that others can share and promote.

Create something that solves the problems of your prospects and customers. In his article on how he built a blog among the top 100, Matthew Woodward describes a good process for listening to social media and forums to find interesting topics for blogs.

Reverse engineering of what already works by examining what is already working and creating something of a higher level or two, you can help mitigate the risks and make your content as resilient as possible.

Make others beautiful. Highlight the right tools you use every day. Get answers from smart people in your niche to difficult questions and share this content (while positioning them as experts). When you have selected someone or their product as a valuable resource, that person will be able to help you share and promote that content. Focus on creating different content assets that will have real value, have a plan to promote these assets and feel free to let people know that you have presented or that the public would benefit from your resource exist.

Finally, do not forget your keywords! This does not mean that every time you create a great resource, you need to create a keyword that does not match: it means you can use keyword research to discover pain points (if users are turning to search engines look for items, they search for content that provides an excellent answer to their question!) and, as you create new assets, look for ways to incorporate the language your prospects and customers use in your assets: which will be really related and shared (because you will need more and more of a kind of distribution for the pages on which you wish to classify them according to precious keywords).