What exactly is data encryption?

Know that data encryption is one of the best security methods you can use to protect all your digital assets.

The encryption process uses a key and an algorithm to convert the accessible data into encoded information.

To resolve the encrypted data and restore it to its original state (easy to understand), you must access the encryption algorithm and the secret key used.

What really works to boost search engine traffic?

First, it is important to keep in mind that Google is responsible for most of the traffic generated by search engines around the world (although there are still fluctuations in real numbers). This may vary from place to place, but it is likely that Google is the main player in the search results in which your company or website wants to appear, and the best practices described in this guide will help you position yourself. Your site and its content Rank in the other search engines, too.

Regardless of the search engine used, the search results change constantly. Google recently updated a lot of information on how websites are classified according to many animal names. Many of the simplest and cheapest ways to rank pages in search results have become extremely risky in recent years.

So, what works? How does Google determine which pages to return in response to what people are looking for? How to get all this valuable traffic on your site?

Google's algorithm is extremely complex and I will share some links with those who wish to deepen the way Google classifies sites at the end of this section, but at an extremely high level:

Google looks for pages that contain relevant and high quality information about the researcher's query.

Determine the relevance "exploring" (or reading) the content of your website and evaluating (using an algorithm) if that content is relevant to what the researcher is looking for, mainly based on the keywords it contains.

They determine "quality" in several ways, but the number and quality of other websites that point to your page and your site in general is still the most important factor. In short: if the only sites that point to your blue widget site are blogs that nobody has accessed on the Web, and that my blue widget site receives links from trusted sites that are frequent links, such as My site will be more reliable (and is supposed to be of better quality) than yours.

The Google algorithm takes into account more and more additional elements to determine the classification of your site, such as:

How do people visit your site (find the information they need and stay on their site or retrieve it on the search page and click on another link? Or simply ignore their list in search results and never click?)

Upload speed of your site and "mobile usability".

How much unique content does it have (as opposed to very "thin" content or duplicate content?)

There are hundreds of ranking factors that are taken into account by Google's algorithms in response to searches. They constantly update and improve their process.

The good news is that you do not have to be a search engine researcher to rank valuable terms in search results. We will track the best practices of repeated search website optimization to help you direct targeted traffic without having to reverse the basic skills of one of the most profitable companies in the world.